Thursday, August 30, 2012

Outfit of the Day...

For whatever reason I decided to check my blog and realized it had been a YEAR since my last post! Seriously the worst blogger ever!! Then when I noticed my last post was an Outfit of the Day post, I figured it was only fitting I made a blog post today with a photo I just took this evening! =)  We were on the way to A Create a Memory (you know one of those places that you can paint your own pottery) to attend a birthday party!

Bella celebrated her 7th birthday yesterday (very simple day)...yes still trying to plan her party! We are thinking her first sleep over! But as always she was making her own fashion statement tonight! She was wearing her Teddi outfit from Target (Skirt and Tank Top) and she wanted just about everything else in that department! Gpa and Gma are taking her shopping tomorrow and I do believe she wants to head back to Target so it will be interesting to see what she comes home with!

Our great neighbors came over tonight for a few minutes and gave her the hat and shoes from Children's Place! Wow these shoes couldn't be more her! She has been talking about getting some TALL converse...these aren't quite what she wants but who could complain or pass up the pink sequins! Thank you Carrie and family ... you know our girl well (last year she gave her black sequined boots)!

Sorry for the bad photo... we snapped a quick cell phone picture as we hurried late into the party (traffic accident on the bridge)!