Friday, March 13, 2009

March 13th (72/365) Family

A few weeks (or months) ago we kind of dubbed Friday night as family night. I tried picking up take out on the way home (been trying to save a few dollars the last few weeks) and then we've either been playing games, watching movies and having popcorn. On this Friday the weather was amazing... you know that perfect get outside in your t-shirt kind of weather. The weather that makes you want spring/summer to be here!

We opted for a nice little walk before dinner. We have a nice little route that is probably about a mile... maybe a tiny bit more! We all 4 even walked tonight. Bella did great. Walked the whole route all on her own!

I know way to many pictures today, but soo hard to narrow it down.

I loved how this picture turned out... the worn net just hanging with the blue sky background; a simple photo!
There is a great little fish pond in front of one of the houses that we pass a long our walk! The kids have always loved to stop and find the fish! One day while we were looking the lady that lives in the house happen to walk home! We had a nice little chat and told her how much we loved stopping and looking at the fish!
Little miss Bella... such a big girl these days; Walking the route all on her own! Hard to believe she will be starting preschool in the fall (and ballet if she has her way).
I haven't quite figured out why Ethan is afraid of these vents/grates. I guess I will admit that I am not one to just stand on them when I see them, but am completely comfortable walking across them. It was pretty comical to watch Ethan as he was standing on top of this grate. You could see the wheels turning as he tried to figure out if it would hold him or fall away.
Ahh how these melt my heart. A budding photographer just like his momma! I love that he loves to take pictures (and can be quite good at it) He is quickly learning to stage his shot (if need be)
I love seeing what he captures thru his lens!
Once home Bella couldn't change into her ballet clothes fast enough.... and yes that is one of Bella's dresses that "Jumbo Barbie" has on! They twirled and twirled around the family room!

We are all looking very much forward to many many more walks around the neighborhood! Hurry up spring and start showing yourself!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

March 12th (71/365) Haircut

We received a notice in E's Tuesday folder saying Spring Pictures were this Friday. One of the notes in the Life Touch flyer was to have haircuts 2 weeks before pictures. Well to start off that might be hard since we just received the flyer two days ago. So here we are getting his hair trimmed the DAY BEFORE pictures. Not ideal, but turned out okay. I was growing quite fond of the little longer look. No it wasn't past his ears or anything, but definitely not the short do he has had for years!

Today after Melissa cut his hair she asked him if he wanted her to wash it. He surprisingly said YES. So after getting his hair since he was 10 months old (aka almost 6 years of haircutting) this is the first actual hair washing he has got.

He will be my little groomer. He seemed to really enjoy the wash. He loves to dress ... I mean I don't ask him to and he will choose to wear a tie (to school or to church). Since starting at private school he has had to wear his khaki's and polos to school and they are required to be tucked in! I do have to watch the boy and make sure he doesn't just tuck EVERYTHING in. He is still learning when it is appropriate to tuck and when to NOT tuck! LOL

Speaking of spring pictures I am hoping to have them back in a couple weeks. Then you will see his fashion sense. He choose it all on his own; right down to the jeans and FLANNEL. He said everyone was required to stand against this tree (aka back drop) and boys put their hands in their pockets!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

March 11th (70/365) Lunch

I know a super exciting photo of the day! =) Somehow a long time ago I got wrangled into making Todd his lunch for work (Heck I barely make anything for myself let alone for others).

Yes I buy certain name brands and can you tell me why a sandwich tastes better when I make it or is it his way of sweet talking me into continuing to make his lunch. Maybe it is the layer of meat, cheddar cheese, lettuce, swiss cheese, more meat (and don't forget the mustard that I don't even like the smell of!).... I am not complaining though... the least I could do (plus I usually do it while he is watching the news which I prefer not to watch)
Yes this is the most often made lunch. Other lunches mostly consist of peanut butter and jelly and left overs! Happy Eating!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

March 10th (69/365) Legos!

Legos have long ago taken over our "playroom" aka converted dining room! We have the old dining room table to be Ethan's Lego table and well lets just say it is over flowing with mini Legos! We are forever trying to find the perfect storage for E's legos! While at our local one stop shopping (Fred Meyers) I saw a few different plastic storage drawers.... Hmmm not 100% convinced (plus that would require that we actually sort thru his hundreds of Lego pieces!
How is everyone else storing their Legos?

I ran across this blog LEGO MY PHOTO he is doing a photo a day project ... basically just like this! The only exception is that everyday his photo is of his Legos! Spend a few minutes going thru his site! He has some fun Lego set ups and some amazing photos too!

I posted a link to his blog on the Holt board and a few pictures of his including on that had a basketball hoop set in it and a fellow adoptive mom from the site sent me a message saying she would be more than happy to send me thier basketball set! Ethan will be soooo excited (Look for a picture of the day coming soon!)

Monday, March 9, 2009

March 9th (68/365) Chores

Ahh the infamous chore list! I would love to make some sort of chore chart or job chart or duty log... Something that not only lists the things around the house that we would like the kids to be responsible for, but to also list things like: Write a letter or card to a freind, teacher or family member, say prayers before dinner/bed, etc. You know something that they can put a tiny sticker on or move a magnet (aka re-usable chart) or write their name or something! We've talked about it over dinner and the thought is there, but I have yet to make the chart!

We've already tried to implement a few simple things...
Ethan clears the table (moves the plates, silverware, glasses to the sink area), puts ketchup, sauces, condiments to the fridge, napkins to the recycle bin or garbage.
Bella puts napkins on the table and puts vitamins at the appropriate table spot. Trying to add silverware and extras to the table to her list.

We are working hard (complete work in progress) on getting the kids (and myself) to pick up our stuff and move it to the appropriate place in the playroom. Ahhh someday it won't be such a struggle to keep an orderly house!

What is on your list?

Sunday, March 8, 2009

March 8th (67/365)

Still feeling the effects of my cold/flu... Todd took the kids to church today and to breakfast. He brought Bella home and then took Ethan grocery shopping with him! Look at what they brought me back....So I didn't have to go grocery shopping and still got my Sunday morning Starbucks! Thanks boys!

and what is up with this.... It is March and it snowed yet again! Not enough to stick, but still it is March and it was snowing!

I'm finally feeling better...of course the weekend is over!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

March 7th (66/365)

Well I thought I could feel it coming on Friday at work... Sure enough by Friday night it hit hard. What... the fever, the chills, the achey body, being light headed...everything! I was able to get dinner cooked and cleaned up and well that was about it! The rest of the night and all day today were spent sleeping on the couch (with a nap in bed too). Thankfully the kids were pretty good for Dad and Dad was super nice to do the chores around the house for me!

I thought it was very fitting today's photo of the day was of the blanket I had been laying with the most... An afghan that my Grandma H (Mary) had crocheted for me before she past away. I have always loved the colors (pink, gray and white)...

I think of her quite often and how she would have loved Todd and the kids. She was such a sports fan and Blazers fan and well they would have hit it off! (heck she had taught her bird to say TOUCHDOWN!) LOL She would have been soo supportive of us, the kids, and our adoptions in general!

She left us way way way too early!

Friday, March 6, 2009

March 6th (65/365)

Friday, Friday, Friday! Finally some nice weather! Soon it will be the evening that are so hard to get the kids in. They won't want to stop playing outside!

Don't you just love Bella's outside shooting hoops attire! Shirt and skirt...simple enough, but aren't her black "high heels" just the perfect outdoor basketball shoe? Yes we thought the same thing!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

March 5th (64/365)

Ahh they can be sweet to each other! They wanted to "read" I spy for bedtime story time tonight! Okay can't they make boys underwear a little "shorter" =)

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

March 4th (63/365)

Bath night!I don't know if it is a good thing or a bad thing, but Todd has always been the bath one! Since they first came home he has been the one to give the baths. Seriously I think I can count on two hands the number of times that I have been the one to do the baths! THANK YOU!!!

I'm sure someday Ethan will hate me for it, but I have to share a page out of his February journal. (Every month they (the kindergarteners) have a new journal aka a few pages that they draw in a few times for each month and then write a sentence for their page!

Well this was one of Ethan's pages' for February!

Can you read it? Could that be any cuter! If you can't read it .. it says

"I would give my Valentine Cora a trip to Hawaii!"

Well today was a productive photo day LOL so I have to add a few more just because!

I had to post these... check out her face... so simple and sweet (Dont' let her fool you though!) I just love her puckered lips!

Ethan yesterday riding his scooter... Could he be anymore photogenic!? Seriously laughing and such great teeth (except for when he is grinding them--I hate that noise!) LOL!
See Bella doesn't always have to rub your chin or arm! Here she pushed up my pant leg a little bit and proceeded to suck her thumb, rub my calf and then rest her face on my leg? Don't ask why! It is just what she does!!! (Photo by Ethan, age 6)
and last but not least! I turn my head for a few minutes and when I look back Ethan has these hair clips in his hair! I reach for my camera and he poses! Gotta love it!

Here is to more shooting tomorrow (and keeping up with the blog better)!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

March 3rd (62/365)

A typical late afternoon weekday for us! Ethan trying to get Dad to play with him and Bella tired, sucking her thumb and going in for the chin rub! Plowing her way in like Daddy likes to say!
Ahh what a moment! Yes Papa Jeff she is your grand-daughter! Never far from her blankey, her purple bear, sucking her thumb WHILE picking her nose! Gotta love her!

Monday, March 2, 2009

March 2nd (61/365)

I am really glad we decided to do our Lent Tree (I might have to make it a new tradition)... We are already on our 4th day (out of 40) and I can't wait to see what it looks like with 80 crosses!
Our Ash Wednesday post and the original tree picture.

Another Monday ... but look it is beautiful outside! It is sooo hard to get them back inside; one of the first real nice days we have had in a long time!
Such big kids now, both of them riding their scooters!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

March 1st (60/365)

Ahhh my first forgotten photo... A lot of Sunday can be alike so shhh don't tell anyone but I will have to substitute a photo later!

P.S... Always good when there is a birthday party and the other parent is requested to take them! Hint Hint THANKS for taking him to the McDonald's birthday party!

A substitute photo coming soon!

and Yeah for me...This is the first day that I missed getting a photo!