Monday, March 9, 2009

March 9th (68/365) Chores

Ahh the infamous chore list! I would love to make some sort of chore chart or job chart or duty log... Something that not only lists the things around the house that we would like the kids to be responsible for, but to also list things like: Write a letter or card to a freind, teacher or family member, say prayers before dinner/bed, etc. You know something that they can put a tiny sticker on or move a magnet (aka re-usable chart) or write their name or something! We've talked about it over dinner and the thought is there, but I have yet to make the chart!

We've already tried to implement a few simple things...
Ethan clears the table (moves the plates, silverware, glasses to the sink area), puts ketchup, sauces, condiments to the fridge, napkins to the recycle bin or garbage.
Bella puts napkins on the table and puts vitamins at the appropriate table spot. Trying to add silverware and extras to the table to her list.

We are working hard (complete work in progress) on getting the kids (and myself) to pick up our stuff and move it to the appropriate place in the playroom. Ahhh someday it won't be such a struggle to keep an orderly house!

What is on your list?

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