Wednesday, March 11, 2009

March 11th (70/365) Lunch

I know a super exciting photo of the day! =) Somehow a long time ago I got wrangled into making Todd his lunch for work (Heck I barely make anything for myself let alone for others).

Yes I buy certain name brands and can you tell me why a sandwich tastes better when I make it or is it his way of sweet talking me into continuing to make his lunch. Maybe it is the layer of meat, cheddar cheese, lettuce, swiss cheese, more meat (and don't forget the mustard that I don't even like the smell of!).... I am not complaining though... the least I could do (plus I usually do it while he is watching the news which I prefer not to watch)
Yes this is the most often made lunch. Other lunches mostly consist of peanut butter and jelly and left overs! Happy Eating!

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