Tuesday, March 10, 2009

March 10th (69/365) Legos!

Legos have long ago taken over our "playroom" aka converted dining room! We have the old dining room table to be Ethan's Lego table and well lets just say it is over flowing with mini Legos! We are forever trying to find the perfect storage for E's legos! While at our local one stop shopping (Fred Meyers) I saw a few different plastic storage drawers.... Hmmm not 100% convinced (plus that would require that we actually sort thru his hundreds of Lego pieces!
How is everyone else storing their Legos?

I ran across this blog LEGO MY PHOTO he is doing a photo a day project ... basically just like this! The only exception is that everyday his photo is of his Legos! Spend a few minutes going thru his site! He has some fun Lego set ups and some amazing photos too!

I posted a link to his blog on the Holt board and a few pictures of his including on that had a basketball hoop set in it and a fellow adoptive mom from the site sent me a message saying she would be more than happy to send me thier basketball set! Ethan will be soooo excited (Look for a picture of the day coming soon!)

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