Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Dress Rehearsal

This ballet stuff is pretty new to us. This is our first  year (it runs just like the school year does) and some of the "rules" and the way it is done is taking some adjusting. Prime example is I believe Bella is the only one with short hair and for their upcoming recital there hair is to be parted on the left side in a bun at ear height, no bangs and no stragglers! Um have you seen Bella's hair? All I can say is Thank God for our bestest friend Miss K (aka her preschool teacher) She was so super kind to do Bella's hair before she sent her home from preschool. She we won't tell any other parents! LOL Yes she really is one of my best friends now and she said it only took her a few minutes to do!

Doesn't she just look so beautiful! After dress rehearsal tonight Bella was soo excited to tell me all about her costumes...I can't wait to see them! Only a few more weeks until the recital!

Ballet days kind be kind of long, so most Wednesday's I have Bella take a nap. Since her hair was done up today we didn't let her lay down for her Wednesday nap. They hit a little bit of traffic on their way home and that gave Bella just enough time to fall asleep in the car. She was so far out of it that I set her up to the table for dinner and this is what I got:

Not quite sure how she is going to make it thru all day kindergarten next year?  =) (As long as you keep her moving she is good to go) LOL

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Results are in...

The official race results are in!

I can't thank my friends and family enough for their support. My goal was to finish in 45 minutes with a pace of a 15 minute mile...So I can say I am very proud of myself and with how I finished! Looking forward to my next one and finishing even better! =)

P.S. Don't you just love reality TV. Monday nights are back.................with The Bachelorette. I think my very early pick is going to have to be FRANK. He was super funny, but I hate reading spoilers, but if they are right then he may end up being a jerk! Not sure who will be my "runner up".

Sadly The Biggest Loser is over for this season. I like so many others I'm sure get "attached" to the contestants and I love hearing how they are doing and following their stories! I was so split on who I wanted to "win" this season, but am super glad that Michael won! He deserved it! They all looked absolutely stunning! What an inspirational show!

Monday, May 24, 2010


Really are we hearing GO BOSTON CELTICS in our house. I have always been a basketball watcher but haven't really had a preference for or against the Celtics, but well Dad has... He has never really been a Boston Fan. So much to Dad's dismay Ethan is a die hard Boston Celtics fan. It seriously is amazing what kind of information he can tell you. It does help that he loves to play Wii Basketball game and they use the real players from the game. It is another one of those he hears it once and well he can remember it. Stats, names, scores, the year they were drafted...yes you name it and he probably knows it!

So we live in Oregon and have the Portland Trailblazers. Yes we like our Blazers....and they are such a better team than they used to be ON and OFF the court. Portland is about an hour away from us and not sure how that factors into the fact that NO ONE carries anything but Blazer hats. We were luckily able to find a Celtics t-shirt and a Ray Allen jersey this past weekend. Yes I have voiced my displeasure in the fact that you simply can't find anything but Blazer gear.... really people not even with the playoffs?

Ethan was beyond excited when we gave him the shirt last night and even more excited tonight during the game when we gave him his jersey!!!


and my question is when looking at the picture just above with Ethan in the t-shirt....WHERE DID MY BABY GO? Doesn't he look soo grown up in that picture? Like such a young MAN and not a boy! All too quickly that will really be here!

Bella wasn't left out of anything. She got some super cute new earrings. She has recently figured out that it doesn't really hurt when we change her earrings. We picked out some really cute ones! One set had cupcakes, ice cream cones and donuts (with pink frosting and sprinkles---just the way she likes them!). Dad picked out a great set of smiley faces and then we got a 3rd set free and we picked out some flip flops (cuz we all know she loves shoes!)

She has also been talking about the new iCarly CD. I know she watches iCarly, but really when did she start paying attention to CD's? So I finally figured out that the girl that plays iCarly is named Miranda Cosgrove and that she has a music CD out. She was thrilled to see that she got it! She rushed right into the playroom to listen to her CD. She quickly decided to lay down and color while she listened to the CD. I was pretty surprised to see/hear that she knew most of the words to the very first song, but then the second or third song came on and I was doing the dinner dishes. She calls me into the playroom to tell me that "that girl just said DISGUSTING. It was probably the funniest thing ... I say YES that is okay honey... that is the name of the song! So next thing you know she is "singing" at the top of her lungs DISGUSTING, I hope you change me!

Aren't those super cute earrings (wait until you see the others...don't worry you don't have to look at a ton of them)

Yes she dresses herself! As she likes to say, "Mom, Look aren't I fashionated?" Yes Honey you are!

I hope everyone else had a great Monday too!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

7 years....

It is soo hard to believe that is was 7 years ago that we brought Ethan home from Korea!!! It had been such a whirl-wind time. It took us years to get to that point and then in a moment we were a FAMILY of 3! Ethan has been soo excited this past week. Talking all about it being his Family Day! It ended up being a pretty basic day. I left early to do my first real 5k (yea for me...I finished in about 46:47 and I had a goal of 45 minutes so I am proud of what I have slowly been accomplishing)... But Todd and the kids stayed home.

They had a pretty simple morning of breakfast and some basketball Wii. I got home and we relaxed for a bit, did a little house cleaning.  I love that the kids help (after minimal whining -- usually). A game of Sorry ... then dinner at AppleBee's followed by the movie G-Force. What a cute movie...but I don't think I can count the number of times I have heard "POOP IN THE HANDS!"  If you have seen it then you know exactly what I mean! =)

Now to plan better to do something special for Bella's next year (February 6th).

I did happen to snap a couple pictures at Applebee's! The story behind Ethan's photo is that he asked if he could keep the french fry until next Friday when he had Sharing at school... um NO, lets take a picture instead! Bella...well she can't be left out and OMG look at how you can see how brown her eyes are in this picture!

I just LOVE my babies! Happy Family Day to both of you guys!!!

My first 5k

I have been doing a walk/running class on Tuesday nights and our class ended this past Tuesday...Today was I guess you could say our "graduation". It was what we have all been working towards (some were even doing the 10k or the 1/2 marathon the next day). I will admit I didn't do my "homework" like I should have been doing so I wasn't ready to run the whole 5k, but I had been doing a few walk/runs where I was doing 2 minute runs and then I would walk until I felt ready again. Today I did it... I had a goal of finishing and finishing in under 45 minutes. It doesn't sound like an amazing time, but it was my goal. (Last year I did WALK a 5k with my parents on a very hill course =) but were pretty much last place and did it in just under an hour) So if I could do it in 45 minutes that was pretty much putting me at 15 minute miles and I felt that was a decent goal.

I finished my race and according to the big time readout I finished in 46:47 so almost 2 minutes over my goal time. Looking back even though my shins were killing me (I need to figure out how to stop them from hurting everytime I walk) I think I could have ran/jogged some more which would have put me in under 45 minutes. It is done and I can't go back and change it, but looking forward to my next one (possibly June 5th).

I've only got a quick cell phone picture from just before we started and it isn't the best =)  I am hoping that since they had a photographer there that there will be at least one decent one of me during the race. I know he took at least one just before I turned to cross the "finish line" LOL I didn't know if I should be looking at the camera or just looking ahead of me =)  Ahh we will see. I hope to post pictures later!

Thanks to all my friends for such great support and I can't wait to do another one!

Thursday, May 6, 2010


It took us a couple weeks but we started noticing that Ethan was squinting while watching TV at the kitchen table. Yes I know we shouldn't be watching TV during dinner, but well what can I say the Basketball playoffs are on and that is pretty much all Ethan will talk about. (That is a whole different post in itself) So yes we have allowed the TV to be on during dinner a few times so the boys could watch the game too. So we finally asked E if he could see the TV or we would ask him what the score was and when he couldn't tell us or he had to watch 10 steps in order to see it clearly we decided he wasn't joking around with us. Todd called that next day to see when he could get an eye appointment and thankfully they had a cancellation that afternoon.

I honestly thought he would come home saying that his eyes were just tired, but NO my baby needs glasses! It ends up that he is nearsighted...and for those of us that didn't really know what that meant before--it means that he can see up real close but not farther away. So basically he needs them all the time. We were at Binyons that next weekend (might have been able to get them cheaper somewhere else, but I was loving the fact that we got both pairs of his new glasses that same day).

We loved his sweet little photogenic face before, but I might be biased but we think he is still stinkin adorable!

This pair we got with the "transitional lens" so that he has built in sunglasses. This is the pair he wears the most often! It is just unfortunate that he has such a little nose that we've found it really hard to keep them up, we are in a learning process!

I really love this pair too... I call them his Clark Kent glasses!

The Dr. said in a couple years he could get contacts and so thankfully he will have that option before too long.
It has been a little bitter sweet. I mean we were pretty sad that at 7 he had to already start thinking about wearing glasses all the time. Being more aware of the fact that he wore them in general...he is 7 after all. We are very thankfully that he hasn't complained at all about wearing them and has pretty much gotten up every morning and put them on! I think it helps for the simple fact that he can SEE when he wears his glasses. It does make me a little sad to think that it could have been coming on for a while and we didn't notice or he didn't know any different to say anything to us.