Thursday, May 6, 2010


It took us a couple weeks but we started noticing that Ethan was squinting while watching TV at the kitchen table. Yes I know we shouldn't be watching TV during dinner, but well what can I say the Basketball playoffs are on and that is pretty much all Ethan will talk about. (That is a whole different post in itself) So yes we have allowed the TV to be on during dinner a few times so the boys could watch the game too. So we finally asked E if he could see the TV or we would ask him what the score was and when he couldn't tell us or he had to watch 10 steps in order to see it clearly we decided he wasn't joking around with us. Todd called that next day to see when he could get an eye appointment and thankfully they had a cancellation that afternoon.

I honestly thought he would come home saying that his eyes were just tired, but NO my baby needs glasses! It ends up that he is nearsighted...and for those of us that didn't really know what that meant before--it means that he can see up real close but not farther away. So basically he needs them all the time. We were at Binyons that next weekend (might have been able to get them cheaper somewhere else, but I was loving the fact that we got both pairs of his new glasses that same day).

We loved his sweet little photogenic face before, but I might be biased but we think he is still stinkin adorable!

This pair we got with the "transitional lens" so that he has built in sunglasses. This is the pair he wears the most often! It is just unfortunate that he has such a little nose that we've found it really hard to keep them up, we are in a learning process!

I really love this pair too... I call them his Clark Kent glasses!

The Dr. said in a couple years he could get contacts and so thankfully he will have that option before too long.
It has been a little bitter sweet. I mean we were pretty sad that at 7 he had to already start thinking about wearing glasses all the time. Being more aware of the fact that he wore them in general...he is 7 after all. We are very thankfully that he hasn't complained at all about wearing them and has pretty much gotten up every morning and put them on! I think it helps for the simple fact that he can SEE when he wears his glasses. It does make me a little sad to think that it could have been coming on for a while and we didn't notice or he didn't know any different to say anything to us.

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