Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Dress Rehearsal

This ballet stuff is pretty new to us. This is our first  year (it runs just like the school year does) and some of the "rules" and the way it is done is taking some adjusting. Prime example is I believe Bella is the only one with short hair and for their upcoming recital there hair is to be parted on the left side in a bun at ear height, no bangs and no stragglers! Um have you seen Bella's hair? All I can say is Thank God for our bestest friend Miss K (aka her preschool teacher) She was so super kind to do Bella's hair before she sent her home from preschool. She we won't tell any other parents! LOL Yes she really is one of my best friends now and she said it only took her a few minutes to do!

Doesn't she just look so beautiful! After dress rehearsal tonight Bella was soo excited to tell me all about her costumes...I can't wait to see them! Only a few more weeks until the recital!

Ballet days kind be kind of long, so most Wednesday's I have Bella take a nap. Since her hair was done up today we didn't let her lay down for her Wednesday nap. They hit a little bit of traffic on their way home and that gave Bella just enough time to fall asleep in the car. She was so far out of it that I set her up to the table for dinner and this is what I got:

Not quite sure how she is going to make it thru all day kindergarten next year?  =) (As long as you keep her moving she is good to go) LOL


  1. She looks beautiful!

    I think most kindergartens still have a nap or rest time. Camden's class actually had mats and they laid down for an hour. Not that he ever slept, but they did lay down.

  2. Yes they should have nap time too. Not sure which is better or worse (she can wake up HORRIBLE), but if she keeps moving and doing something she is good to go! =) She is very excited now so we shall see!