Thursday, April 15, 2010

Ethan and his science project...

Ethan has been pretty excited to be doing his science project this year. Last year they did group assignments and this year all on his own. I have to say while I was uploading the photos for his display board I was amazed at what a neat little experiment it is! I had researched a few ideas for him online and then a fellow mom from the adoption board I go to suggested this (and she was doing it with her whole 1st grade class and now I see why!).

Here are the photos we took (tomorrow we will finish putting the display board together and then we will have final shots to show! The big science fair is on Friday!

He is doing a RUBBER EGG . . .

1. Egg goes into a glass

2. Pour vinegar over the egg and let it sit for a few days

3. His comparison of the original egg (raw) and the egg after it has sat (this one actually 2 weeks) but it is only necessary for a few days

Oh my gosh don't you just LOVE the contrast of colors! We couldn't believe how much the color changed and it is still RAW!

4. It is RUBBERY now

Photos have been printed and tomorrow we finish gluing to the display board and writing up his description/story of his experiment!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Easter . . .

We had a very nice and laid back Easter. We spent some time with hubby's side of the family on Saturday (maybe pics soon) and then Sunday morning we went to Mass and then came home to make some breakfast and simply hang out. Nothing fancy, but nice. Believe it or not the kids didn't go real fancy on Easter clothes and Ethan was changed out of his outfit minutes after being home. So no great photos, only a few snapshots. I think these few happen to be my favorite (I still need to edit a few of the other ones).

Ethan bless his heart continues to amaze and surprise us! Since we didn't even color eggs this year, when it came time to hide the plastic eggs, we told the kids to go upstairs to their room. I figured they were together in Bella's room listening to a CD. I couldn't have been more wrong. Bella was pouting ... she thought she was in trouble when we told her to go to her room and Ethan was quietly sitting on his bed. I could hear his music and was very much surprised when I looked a little closer and noticed something in his hand. He was PRAYING THE ROSARY. We didn't ask him to, we hadn't even been talking about it. All on his own. One of those little moments that you realize he isn't a baby anymore and what a good young man he is SLOWLY turning into. (Bless his heart he didn't even flinch or get upset when I "snuck" in to snap a few pictures).

Bella can't be left out either. We do give the kids Easter baskets, but try not to go too crazy with them. Always something religious and a little bit of chocolate and a couple small toys. I or we were very excited to give Ethan his first real Bible. I happened across this Adventure Bible the other day of all places Walmart. Matter of fact I would love to see these a requirement for school or something.... Well Bella got a new CD call Cat Chat...both of the kids LOVE it and have tons of it already memorized! She also got some little religious figurines....Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus! I can't find a link or remember the name brand of the figurines (they have lots of other religious figures too), but well here you can see the 3 of them in action!

I hope everyone else had a blessed Easter Holiday!

P.S... Almost forgot to add that at school all the first graders colored crosses and wrote down their Lenten promise. In typical 7 year old fashion, Ethan promised to give up COOKIES. He did sooo good, even when mom forgot and brought him surprise cookies and left them in his locker for lunch time, he still didn't eat them! Ahh our good little Catholic boy!