Thursday, April 15, 2010

Ethan and his science project...

Ethan has been pretty excited to be doing his science project this year. Last year they did group assignments and this year all on his own. I have to say while I was uploading the photos for his display board I was amazed at what a neat little experiment it is! I had researched a few ideas for him online and then a fellow mom from the adoption board I go to suggested this (and she was doing it with her whole 1st grade class and now I see why!).

Here are the photos we took (tomorrow we will finish putting the display board together and then we will have final shots to show! The big science fair is on Friday!

He is doing a RUBBER EGG . . .

1. Egg goes into a glass

2. Pour vinegar over the egg and let it sit for a few days

3. His comparison of the original egg (raw) and the egg after it has sat (this one actually 2 weeks) but it is only necessary for a few days

Oh my gosh don't you just LOVE the contrast of colors! We couldn't believe how much the color changed and it is still RAW!

4. It is RUBBERY now

Photos have been printed and tomorrow we finish gluing to the display board and writing up his description/story of his experiment!

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