Friday, October 30, 2009

Bella and Ronan...

So little Miss Bella has a new friend in preschool, his name is Ronan! Adorable little boy and soo full of spunk! A week or so ago when we went to the School Open House and well they happen to be in the preschool classroom the same time we were. Well Bella was playing somewhat bashful and wasn't talking to anyone and so Ronan gets right in her face and was like, "IT'S ME RONAN!" It was simply the cutest thing ever!

Bella had her first real School party... Halloween. I was able to sneak down there for 45min to an hour. Long enough to snap a class picture and a few of Bella (and her classmates. Take a look at these of Ronan and Bella. (from tidbits I've got from the teacher... they do quite a bit together! Hold hands, play kitchen, play dolls... and Bella is very quick to remind us that Ronan is allergic to peanuts! =)

I'm not sure why she is covering her eyes, but it was super cute to watch her follow him around the room.

Do you think Bella could get any closer to him?

Oh and every time I drop her off at school, if Ronan isn't already in class then Bella asks (multiple times) "Is Ronan coming today?"

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Christmas Shopping has begun!

So I have slowly started picking up a few Christmas presents for the kids already. Sometimes it feels like they are really easy to buy for and other times I am not even sure what to get them.... but it never fails they have way more than they need come Christmas morning! So far lots of books: 

For Ethan:
The Harry Potter Boxed Set (paperback)
Fudge Collection (well I think this is the set, that is all I was a scholastic book order to benefit the school and threw away the paperwork)
Magic Treehouse# 39 Dark Day in the Deep Sea
The Lego Book
Lego Starwars: The Visual Dictionary

For Bella:
The Kissing Hand
I Love School
The Mixed Up Alphabet
Llama Llama Red Pajamas ($1 deal)

Well after typing it out it seems like a lot of books so maybe they won't all be given to the kids for Christmas, but they would make a great present/treat after a really good week or something of that nature, plus Ethan has a birthday coming up in January too!

Oh and I also got Charlotte's Web for all the nieces and nephews just because I love the story and it helped it was a $1 deal too. So guess what they are all getting for Christmas too!  =)

I just picked up this Chess game for Ethan.... He doesn't play yet, but I think he would really enjoy it and I love how the pieces are labeled for beginners (mom and dad included).

I told my parents that Ethan needed a tie rack to hold all of his ties and a funky cool tie tack (told the in-laws a tie tack too, but told them like a letter E or something...)

I did suggest this Barbie for Bella

Ethan again is usually pretty easy... um LEGOS! I love how you can "pick a brick" as they call it and just simply choose only the pieces that you want to buy! People are always a fun purchase, and OMG you can buy food! There is another Lego book I think Ethan would love... I saw it in the school library a couple weeks ago, so I need to find that one again, maybe that would be a good birthday present...

Bella can always use a new skirt/dress that twirls (has to be something that twirls when she turns), baby dolls, Barbies and play food are always a hit....

I'm sure the list will continue to grow as it gets closer!

HAPPY SHOPPING and pass on any ideas you may have!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Bella visits the pumpkin patch...

Bella was so excited to go on her first field trip. I woke up with her giggling in my face and she very excitedly announced it was PUMPKIN PATCH DAY! It gets better, when I told her she got to ride on the little mini school bus the school has she screamed with joy and hugged my neck ever so tightly! I love that happiness and pure excitement!

Bella has done so well in school. It has taken her a few weeks to realize that Miss K is her teacher and not just her friend that comes over for dinner with her daughter! She likes to play a lot, so having to sit down and actually work isn't always on the top of her list, but we are soo proud of what she is already learning! The last couple of weeks she has been spelling her name, finally she spelled it all right, in the right order! She was so excited that it was her turn to spell, you see we are always asking Ethan his spelling words in the car and at home, or we will simply ask Ethan to start spelling words that we think up as we are driving! (video coming soon... it has been taken just not uploaded to the computer).... 

So enough rambling onto the most important part... the pumpkin patch pictures!

After picking out their pumpkins and apples they got to have warm donuts and cider.

I have the cutest class photo in front of a wagon with beautiful fall flowers on it, but well with the whole class in it, I really can't post it.... but I can post these photos of Bella getting ready to leave the pumpkin patch on the bus. She was having the best time....

I just love that last photo I wish I had some great story behind it, but I think she was just being who she is!

Ethan goes on Thursday and we are hoping to go as a family too before Halloween so we will see how that works itself out!

Happy October!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Ethan lost another tooth!

Ethan has now lost his 2nd tooth. I think the only bad part is that for both of them the adult tooth is already coming in and it forces the baby tooth to really start "leaning" and it is essentially being forced out of his mouth. It hasn't caused any him any "extra" pain beyond the normal losing your teeth pain. 

He lost his first tooth while on vacation this summer. Very surprisingly Ethan has let Dad pull both of his teeth with out much fuss!

Here is the before picture. Actually it was taken the night before his tooth was pulled... We even tried putting a little baby Anbesol on his gums and well after hollering that it was spicy (is it really spicy or is that an effect of it being too old) oops!

So after putting on the Baby Anbesol dad tried pulling his tooth, well as you can see (or maybe not) but lets just say the tooth didn't come out! Not sure if you can see Bella there in the background, she is laughing her head off, I'm snapping away with pictures, Dad is trying to pull Ethan's tooth and well Ethan himself, we never could decipher if he was laughing/giggling or was quite comical!

Night# 2 was the winner...look at his slightly toothless grin! Someday I hope he will lose a tooth with out an adult tooth already coming in... I want to see a true toothless grin! Either way he is soo excited to being losing his teeth! Also they are keeping track at school on these jumbo teeth...he got to be the first one to lose a tooth in October! =)

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Two Word Poem about ME by Ethan

So Ethan had an assignment in school to write six lines with each lines can only contain two words. Now this was something he did in school and each Tuesday they send home all of their paperwork since the last Tuesday. I guess I should say that the two word lines were supposed to be about themselves.

So with out further ado here is Ethan's (just like he wrote them on his paper):

Math stinks
beavers rule
lice games
lice swimming
Watch transformers
draws well

P.S... those are LIKE not lice up there!

I love it though it is soo him, I love that I can tell no one told him what to write or say, he thought it up on his own and wrote it all down on his own (aka the miss spelling), But this is who HE IS at 6 and 1/2 years old.