Monday, July 20, 2009

Back from Vacation....

So we are back from vacation and there is still soo much to do! We had an amazing time as always. Lots of goodies to eat, hot tub and swimming pool, inflatable jump houses, bumper cars, dark light (where your white clothes glow) miniature golfing and of course bike riding! I think our final tally was 68 miles on our bikes. Ethan did amazing and rode his new spiderman bike the whole time.
I have hundreds of pictures to go through, but these 4 caught my eye right away so they got edited first. =)
A few weeks back I noticed a small gap appearing in his somewhat perfect little smile and low and behold there was an adult tooth coming in already behind it. The baby tooth became loose thankfully and while on Vacation it was barely, literally hanging on by a thread. So when dad asked if he could pull it, Ethan said, "OKAY". Here is what we got a semi toothless boy!
There was soo much to do on vacation, but poor Bella had to miss out on the bumper cars. They really jolted you around, but the funny thing is 2 years ago they had let her go on them with me... So needless to say she did lots of pouting when Ethan and one of us was riding.
I think this was Bella's last year on the baby seat on my bike. Her feet just miss reaching the petals on the tag-a-log so there she sat. Almost always with her blanket, even though it was in the 80's or 90's the whole time she had to have it. Worked out okay because for the most part it covered her shoulders and neck from the sun and a burn. This night we took an evening ride near the airport and loved the fact the horses were loose in the field and came right up to the fence. Ethan even got to feed them some "weeds" that were there by the fence. Poor Bella missed the whole thing.
and can't leave out Dad.... Just taking a break while the kids played at the park. It was hot and a long uphill climb to the park.
I have edited a few more pictures but will save them for another day with a few more stories from vacation.

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