Monday, July 6, 2009

Bellla from 3 to 13

Ahh Miss Bella... It is so funny it seems lately her personality has doubled. I mean she was a character before, but now even more so. Her little attitude and humor and little Bella-isms are really showing.

It seems like lately my postings on here have been far and few inbetween (spending too much time updating FACEBOOK) and then when I do post it seems to be a lot about Ethan so here is one of many new posts about Bella!

I simply LOVE this photo. It is her, it is the expression she gives quite often. She opens her eyes up wide and you can't help but giggle/laugh at her and then she busts up laughing her cute little laugh! I have been meaning to order some photos put onto a canvas. Maybe this will be my first one. (Just need to pick out a favorite of Ethan and have them done at the same time)
You should hear this girl talk on the phone....She carries on real conversations and even calls Todd all the time (aka Dad). Lately though her favorite person to call is MARSH (have no idea where that came from though) and we can't help but laugh every time she says it. All we can ever think of is The Brady Bunch and Marsha, Marsha, Marsha!

Oh and if you need a reminder of Marsha Marsha Marsha video clip check this out! (Gotta love YouTube)
The kids have been loving our beautiful weather and being outside. I soo need to get them out there more. This night Bella brought her back pack FULL of Barbies and play food. They had their own little tea party out on the deck! Gotta love their little imaginations. Soon enough it will be her and her friends sitting on the deck talking about BOYS!
Here is to many more nice summer days and better blog updates!

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  1. So, so cute! You should definitely have that one printed! Are you scrapping these days?