Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Been a couple weeks & lots of links!

It has been a quick couple weeks since I've posted... Lots of stuff to post.

Weight Loss
Well I'm still down about 10-12 fluctuates from day to day, but I have taken a "break" after 20 straight days hooping. I need to pick it back up and get busy. Doing it everyday wasn't hard, but after taking a couple days off it makes it a lot easier to not do it the following day =) Add that to my shins have been killing me (mainly my left one) so now I also haven't ran this past week (or walked). Planning on going Wednesday or Thursday to the running store to hopefully get nice new shoes. Shoes are supposed to really make a difference in shin splints! Crossing my fingers. A couple weeks ago Todd also found out that he has tendonitis in his left knee so he has been limping around for a couple weeks now and also not running or walking.

I have been eyeing some new treadmills. I have these two on "my list". The Sole F80 or the Sole F83. I've been saving for an IKEA trip for the Trofast storage system.So it has quickly made me rethink how much storage stuff we need LOL. I want to get a treadmill soon, while the weather is still on the bad side so I can keep walking and more often with it.

So first and foremost I just need to keep with it, back to doing what I have been doing and what I know how to do!

Isn't decorating always an ongoing project? Above I talked about the trofast storage system for our "playroom" which used to be our dining room, which was NEVER used. Well the kids rooms have always been decorated, but never to the full extent. So a few years ago we painted Ethan's room black and gold (go COUGARS aka high school mascot) and we had a construction theme... yeah you guessed it, it was never done to the full potential. Bella recently got new Barbie Bedding from Pottery Barn (of course it is like 50% off now, thankfully I bought a piece here and a piece there) so E has been asking to have new stuff too... Sure bud, what do you want? His reply Pittsburg Steelers football theme! I jump for joy... guess what colors they are? Yup you are right, Black and Gold. This week I plan to buy the sheet/comforter set. E hasn't seen it, but I'm sure he will love it. Then I remembered FatHead website that does up to lifesize wall clings! They have a whole section for the Steelers! I am getting a Ben Roethlisberger and Troy Polamalu and their logo (the logo itself is 3'4" x 3'4" and the players are over 6' tall)! Ethan is going to freak out when he sees it all together. I think I might just have to surprise him with all of it.... hmmmm something to think about. Too bad I couldn't find any Barbie ones for Bella's room.

I do have some pink "lantern" type balls to hang, a few bugs my mom gave me years ago and we hung her recent ballet recital picture up. I just would love to get a new frame, actually two. Then she can have her 2 recital pictures in it. (She will have a spring recital).

I love this framing headboard that my friend Anjali (scroll down just a bit) posted. Now you can't really beat $2.99 picture frames (at IKEA). Not sure where for sure I would want to use it at, but love the concept.

I hope you find my links "fun" like I do LOL, but can't really have a post with out pictures right?

The other day at daycare I started snapping pictures of the baby and then ended up taking pictures of almost all of the daycare kids...Can't really post their photos (some turned out great), but will post a few of Bella (Ethan wasn't there that day)...She is such a ham, it just cracks me up sometimes!

I can't really leave Ethan out of the pictures. He has been reading The Lightning Thief. I am soo proud of him. This will be the biggest book he has ever read (and way above what he should be reading). The book just came out in the movie theaters this past weekend, but he hasn't quite finished it yet (and he left it at school over the long weekend) so hoping that he is able to finish it up this weekend and we are able to take him to see the movie! I was so very upset for him though today...he told me that a kid at school told him who the "thief" is... Ummm hello, that is telling him what the end of the book is! Might just have to remind that kid when someone says NO I DON'T WANT TO KNOW... it means NO! Argh. Ethan was upset by it, but not traumatized LOL so I think we are okay! =)  This photo was taken the other morning BEFORE school. He asked for his cereal TO GO aka in a sandwich baggy and I finished getting ready to leave the house and came downstairs to find him like this!

Tomorrow is Wednesday I hope everyone is having a great week so far!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

My Baby Girl + Running

Some time ago we chopped off Bella's hair because she wouldn't leave it pulled up in a pony or with barrettes or with headbands....Now she is all about hair accessories and so I am loving the fact that now I can start buying the cute, fun hair stuff for her! Friday I mentioned something about shopping at an Etsy store called BriarClaire, well at daycare after Bella threw a fit over the fact that she couldn't just take a couple barrettes that were left on the "shoe rack" I caved and told her about the new hair stuff I had ordered. So all weekend she wanted to know if her surprise had come in the mail yet, she just couldn't understand why it took so long! Thankfully Monday it arrived (SUPER FAST DELIVERY) and she has been wearing the headband (no picture yet) and the hats ever since! She really posed it up for me last night when I wanted to snap a few pictures! She just cracks me up...when she wants to be a ham she can be!

Now onto me... LOL
I did buy the Nike + iPod sensor thing for my shoes. I HIGHLY recommend this if you are doing ANY walking or running or a combination. It tracks everything and is well just neat! =). I played around with the Nike plus website a little and here are some of the goodies!  Of course you get to make yourself a little Mii character! Aren't I cute?

Every run/walk etc is "graphed" .... Here is mine from my run on Tuesday . . .(the huge dip down in the middle of my run is me stopping to tie my shoe during a walking period! 

I look forward to seeing the graphs as I continue to run. I have signed up for a running class at a local fitness/running store (Starts March 2nd) and I was doing the math tonight and I'm NOT going to be done with my C25K program....So I need to do some more research on the groups and make sure I'm in the right group and then decide if I will step up the C25K days and try and finish it or just continue and cross my fingers that I'm ready come class time! =)

I did set a goal for running in 2010 . . . 

Yes that is right run/walk 500  miles in 2010. I figure it is doable. If I run/walk 3 miles three times a week that is 9 miles a week and 468 miles a year. Figure in extra days during the week, small and big walks and our vacation (lots of walking and biking) I think it is doable, but I am about 36 miles behind since I just started counting (I guess I could backtrack a little, but this just adds a little to it) LOL.

So now it is in writing . . . maybe a little more accountable.

P.S.   I just finished up night# 13 in hooping tonight (Wednesday).