Friday, January 29, 2010

It is working...

So unfortunately the blog seems to be taken over with talk all about me (about time LOL). Hard to believe that tonight will be day# 8 of hooping. (I need to work at getting some of my favorite NEW links up on the side!) Last night (# 7) wasn't too hard. It is amazing how two weeks ago I couldn't even keep it going around and now doing 20-30 minutes is no big deal. I've done pretty good with my eating all week, very little extra snacking and I was down 4 pounds when I weighed in this morning. A total of 7 pounds (in 20 days... I was up a couple last week.

Almost forgot yesterday I did Week# 2 Day# 1 (W2D1). I took the car in for an oil change at the dealership and when he said it would be 45-1hr.. (really that long?) I didn't even hesitate to ask if I could change my clothes first (and put my stuff back in the trunk before they took the car away. That isn't normal for me. I normally would have waited in the waiting room and read a magazine or watched their tv. Off I went and I was very surprised at the fact that yes by the end of the 90 seconds of running/jogging that I was ready to walk again, but I was ready to keep going. I wasn't ready for it to be done...  I am really looking forward to the longer runs and the running class I signed up for at the local athletic/running store. Excited that it is an all woman's class and that it is for beginners and long time runners too... A spot for all of us.  Right now I've really only got one real sore spot. On my left leg on the right of my shin. Hmm I need to read up on how to keep the shins from hurting.

I bought a bunch of magazines yesterday at the grocery store, was looking for a running magazine. (Can you tell I'm completely fascinated with everything that has to do with it right now? Which I personally think is a good thing.) So Andrea if you are reading, would love to hear what some of your favorite magazines are right now.

My parents called this week and asked if they could come play with the kids this weekend and we could go do whatever we wanted. I'm very excited about this.... Ethan has been quite the handful this past week (and more) so looking forward to a little bit of alone time on Saturday. We talked about doing dinner and a movie, but  I think we might head to IKEA. I've been saving money for months now to go buy the storage system I've been eyeing (the trofast system). Then I get to start saving for the new treadmill I want.  =)

Oops no new pictures uploaded right now.... More this weekend. Cross your fingers that we are able to get the new organization system all put together and the toys sorted. My goal is for everything to have a home and that it will be a lot easier to pick up.

Oh I do have a picture to show you... Last night I bought Bella a couple new hats and a headband from this etsy site:  BriarClaire.
Bella is slowly keeping ponytails and headbands in so I thought now might be the time. So here is a picture of one of the hats I got her.

Hope you guys have a great weekend.

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