Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Chaos and Fascination . . .

I am seriously thinking our mornings can't get any more chaotic than they were today. E threw one of his all out tantrums this morning because the couldn't find a particular fleece! NICE... I just hate starting our mornings like that. Nothing seems to help it and it just upsets everyone. I think most of the time he is tired, plus once he "gets to that spot" I don't think he really knows how to stop it, how to calm himself down and well I'm not sure how to teach him that lesson either! So hoping we wake up to a happy go lucky boy in the morning!

On a more positive note - - My baby girl got an award at Mass today. She was given the Peacemaker award from her pre-school teacher. She was soo excited for her award; not so excited about the mass part of it. We are working on that. We don't get too much of a fight on Sunday mornings, but she sure likes to complain about Wednesday school mass. Says she doesn't like it and it lasts too long! =) Sorry honey .... it is a part of your school week! Try to enjoy it! I so wish the one picture wasn't soo blurry. . . can you see the smile on her face?

We are really good friends with her teacher... Bella was going in to kiss her on the cheek! =)

Talking about me now... Tonight I finished day# 6 of hula hooping. I was able to get 30 minutes in. I did get my "run" in on Tuesday (yesterday) and I am seriously really enjoying myself. I have never been a jogger or runner of any kind, but really proud of myself for setting this goal (running a 5k) and really feeling like I can accomplish my goal. Matter of fact I know I can accomplish it. Isn't that the positive attitude you are supposed to have! I ended up at our local riverfront park and there were only a few people around and a little foggy. It was actually quite pretty jogging along side the river and being able to look out across the water!

Tomorrow (Thursday) is supposed to be the start of Week 2. Todd started one "day" after me, so trying to decide if I will try W2D1 (Week 2 Day 1) or just repeat W1D3 again. I barely felt "comfortable" in the 60second jog (boy does that sound like soo little time) but I'm very anxious to keep moving forward.

It almost sounds pretty silly to say since I haven't only been doing this a little over a week, but this morning I could totally see how people look forward to working out or how they enjoy it. I am very much an emotional eater, depressed, sad, happy, mad, bored....any emotion! Yet on the way to drop off the kids at school this morning I actually thought about how nice it would be to go for a nice run/walk right now. Instead of running thru a drive thru, it was like too bad I can't just drop them off and head to the park! I am really hoping this is a trend that continues and that I can stick with it!

A handful of blogs that I follow do this WORDLESS WEDNESDAY. I definitely am not wordless today or most days either, but thought I would share one more picture! Bella got too close to brother the other night while he was playing his DS and we think he pushed her back when she wouldn't move on her own. One of them most had one of the DS stylus in their hand because it left two little "cuts" on her cheek! So Monday she came home from school with a bandaid across her face! She really wanted to just keep wearing it. How cute is she!!!

Okay way too much to read today ...Sorry folks!

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