Sunday, May 31, 2009

Weekend Recap....

Weekends seem to go by soo fast and thankfully the past couple of weekends I feel like we have got a few things done or at least it seems like we have accomplished something!

Saturday morning got started off with a little bit of cleaning aka mostly vacuuming; which turned into both boys getting haircuts. Dad was great, he got the camera and shot a few pictures from his lawn chair (yes it has been beautiful here so Ethan got his hair cut outside)
I am soo loving his new super short hair do... I think next time we will go super short on the top too. Next we headed off to a nearby town for a birthday party of one of E's classmates! It was at a great indoor playground ... they even had a face painter! As you can see Bella enjoyed being turned into a princess. Thankfully she didn't throw much of a fit when we had to wash it off later in the bath.
Sunday we did the normal church and then Uncle Jay and Aunt Cara (and the boys) were up so we headed to Grammy & Papa's house to visit, eat, and play a little. Ethan (and Bella) sure enjoyed the little kiddie pool. It was a pretty little pool, but that didn't stop either one of them from playing in it and having a great time...

Now onto Monday morning.... It will start like any other morning; getting up and getting for daycare and school. The difference will be me NOT working right now. Yes the economy has hit us. So you stay at home moms...what is your schedule like. LOL tomorrow I am hitting the grocery store and taking a nice long walk! Oh and can't forget I am throwing in a load of whites in the laundry.... =)
So wish me and us luck on my new work-less adventure. We were not quite expecting this so expenses aren't where we would want them to be in a one income situation and that I find a new job soon (secretly I will love spending some time with the kids over the summer). Everything happens for a reason just not a 100% sure what this reason is just yet! =)

P.S... In my last post I showed you my new water bottle (which I use multiple times a day) and my new grocery sacks from Glamorous Groceries .... I have used my polka-dot one a ton. It holds soo much and oh ever so stylish!

Friday, May 8, 2009

I love Starbucks and great new Etsy find....

So most people know I love my Starbucks coffee. My coffee of choice is usually either a hot or cold Venti Iced White Chocolate Real Carmel Mocha, no whip. I love my new find at Starbucks... a 16oz hard plastic (double walled so it doesn't sweat all over the place) cup. It looks just like the iced plastic cups!

I was going to link you up to the Starbucks site, but they are out of stock and I'm sure if you Run ... Now... go! LOL you will be able to get one at your local Starbucks!

Here is my other fun find Glamorous Groceries. Debbie is the mom of twin boys on Ethan's soccer team... cute and good little soccer players. We have been talking at the games and she told me about her etsy site... Then she was super nice and gave me a new grocery bag....

Yes Miss Bella is sleeping ever so uncomfortably in the top of the shopping cart!

First of they are HAND MADE, super cute, and LARGE. You can fit soo much into them! After using this right after she gave it to me, I went and bought one for myself! OMG Check out how cute it is... Don't have personal pictures yet, but here are the ones from her etsy site:

Glamorous Groceries

Won't I be styling at the grocery store.... I look forward to purchasing more!
If you purchase, please let her know how you found out about her site!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

A picture a day...

So I originally revamped my blog so I could focus on my photos. Focus on learning more about my camera, how to take picture in all manual, in general to take better pictures. Well as you can tell I took a nice long breafrom blogging and will admit I quit making sure I took a picture everyday...yes I take so many pictures that I'm sure most days are still covered.

My reason for all the explaining....I'm going to post a bunch of my favorites in the last month or so....just a heads up. Don't worry I won't post them all! I'll just link you up to my 365 photo gallery!

I look forward to sharing some of my favorite photos!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Some new reading material....

Who doesn't love links... lots of fun stuff to explore!

I have a few fun posts to link you up to for pictures and a great one I will have to do tonight (I couldn't get the pictures to upload online this morning) and forgot or well ran out of time...didn't email them to myself at work =) So tonight!

To start off who can resist brand new baby pictures (helps that she is an amazing photographer!)Andrea Burns introduces Audrey..... (She is a fellow digital scrapper and designer that I have followed for a long time)

Next is Ali Edwards... she just simply does an amazing job of capturing Life as it happens. She recently had a new baby girl too and well I love the story these pictures tell! Check out her post of pictures... wouldn't that be great in a collage frame with those captions on the photos??

Hmm an idea... now to get it implemented like all of my other idesa!
I found a great new site, but you have to wait until later...I have pictures to go with it! =) I want to post them together!

Oh and we finally finally got our new phones! Todd got the LG EnV2 and I got the LG Voyager So far Todd seems to like his ... just a learning curve and I am loving mine! (Which will also be the home phone... we'll see how that all works out). So soon those of you that call us... well it ring to my cell phone and if we are at home and we don't answer...Leave a message or call again =) We may just be in another room and can't have multiple phones in every room!

What is new... I need to start working out again or well start altogether! Eating better and walking! One of my online girlfriends Jean and I have decided to walk a 1/2 marathon before next year... so we have time to get into shape and get walking!
Look at what can be done with a little bit of walking and eating right!

This woman used SPARK PEOPLE and walked her way right onto a magazine cover! Maybe a goal for Jean and I ....long distance email pals meet and walk a 1/2 marathon! LOL Well you never know! Here is her home page on Spark People.

Well I can't very finish this post w/out any pictures....

So ... Ethan has been very much into his Nintendo DS. He has a few games that he goes back and forth with. On this day he had taken it to school so he could play it while he waited for me to pick him up... We picked up Bella and came home, checked the mail. We went in the house and he just sat in the car, a few minutes later I shut the garage door and went back into the house.... He finally came into the house with his DS still on. I asked him, "You finally decided to come in?" His reply was, "It was getting hot in there!" (meaning the car LOL)...Ahh our Miss Bella... She really has come out of her shell. More comfortable with us and everything else around her! Definitely has some personality to her... and quite the attitude! These pictures were taken after bath when she did her own hair! Matching even!!!

Hopefully I will be posting more again soon!