Sunday, May 31, 2009

Weekend Recap....

Weekends seem to go by soo fast and thankfully the past couple of weekends I feel like we have got a few things done or at least it seems like we have accomplished something!

Saturday morning got started off with a little bit of cleaning aka mostly vacuuming; which turned into both boys getting haircuts. Dad was great, he got the camera and shot a few pictures from his lawn chair (yes it has been beautiful here so Ethan got his hair cut outside)
I am soo loving his new super short hair do... I think next time we will go super short on the top too. Next we headed off to a nearby town for a birthday party of one of E's classmates! It was at a great indoor playground ... they even had a face painter! As you can see Bella enjoyed being turned into a princess. Thankfully she didn't throw much of a fit when we had to wash it off later in the bath.
Sunday we did the normal church and then Uncle Jay and Aunt Cara (and the boys) were up so we headed to Grammy & Papa's house to visit, eat, and play a little. Ethan (and Bella) sure enjoyed the little kiddie pool. It was a pretty little pool, but that didn't stop either one of them from playing in it and having a great time...

Now onto Monday morning.... It will start like any other morning; getting up and getting for daycare and school. The difference will be me NOT working right now. Yes the economy has hit us. So you stay at home moms...what is your schedule like. LOL tomorrow I am hitting the grocery store and taking a nice long walk! Oh and can't forget I am throwing in a load of whites in the laundry.... =)
So wish me and us luck on my new work-less adventure. We were not quite expecting this so expenses aren't where we would want them to be in a one income situation and that I find a new job soon (secretly I will love spending some time with the kids over the summer). Everything happens for a reason just not a 100% sure what this reason is just yet! =)

P.S... In my last post I showed you my new water bottle (which I use multiple times a day) and my new grocery sacks from Glamorous Groceries .... I have used my polka-dot one a ton. It holds soo much and oh ever so stylish!

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  1. So sorry about losing your job! Hope you enjoy the time at home, though. It honestly took me about 9 months to really settle in. Here's my normal schedule:
    Up at 6:00 for some alone time before the kids are up at 7:00; 9:00 I walk on the treadmill and shower while the kids watch TV from 9:00-10:00. at 10:00 we usually go outside until 11:30 or so, then have lunch. The kids play from 12:00-1:00, then naptime for Rory at 1:00, Outside time or Wii time for Camden. Coloring, books, etc. after naptime at 3:00.

    I do all the laundry on Mondays (so that's an all-day job); grocery shop on Tuesdays; Vaccuum, dust, mop, sweep, bathrooms, etc. on Wednesday; errands on Thursdays; Friday clean again. I try to have everything done before the weekend so that it can feel like a little break.