Friday, May 8, 2009

I love Starbucks and great new Etsy find....

So most people know I love my Starbucks coffee. My coffee of choice is usually either a hot or cold Venti Iced White Chocolate Real Carmel Mocha, no whip. I love my new find at Starbucks... a 16oz hard plastic (double walled so it doesn't sweat all over the place) cup. It looks just like the iced plastic cups!

I was going to link you up to the Starbucks site, but they are out of stock and I'm sure if you Run ... Now... go! LOL you will be able to get one at your local Starbucks!

Here is my other fun find Glamorous Groceries. Debbie is the mom of twin boys on Ethan's soccer team... cute and good little soccer players. We have been talking at the games and she told me about her etsy site... Then she was super nice and gave me a new grocery bag....

Yes Miss Bella is sleeping ever so uncomfortably in the top of the shopping cart!

First of they are HAND MADE, super cute, and LARGE. You can fit soo much into them! After using this right after she gave it to me, I went and bought one for myself! OMG Check out how cute it is... Don't have personal pictures yet, but here are the ones from her etsy site:

Glamorous Groceries

Won't I be styling at the grocery store.... I look forward to purchasing more!
If you purchase, please let her know how you found out about her site!

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