Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Some new reading material....

Who doesn't love links... lots of fun stuff to explore!

I have a few fun posts to link you up to for pictures and a great one I will have to do tonight (I couldn't get the pictures to upload online this morning) and forgot or well ran out of time...didn't email them to myself at work =) So tonight!

To start off who can resist brand new baby pictures (helps that she is an amazing photographer!)Andrea Burns introduces Audrey..... (She is a fellow digital scrapper and designer that I have followed for a long time)

Next is Ali Edwards... she just simply does an amazing job of capturing Life as it happens. She recently had a new baby girl too and well I love the story these pictures tell! Check out her post of pictures... wouldn't that be great in a collage frame with those captions on the photos??

Hmm an idea... now to get it implemented like all of my other idesa!
I found a great new http://www.etsy.com/ site, but you have to wait until later...I have pictures to go with it! =) I want to post them together!

Oh and we finally finally got our new phones! Todd got the LG EnV2 and I got the LG Voyager So far Todd seems to like his ... just a learning curve and I am loving mine! (Which will also be the home phone... we'll see how that all works out). So soon those of you that call us... well it ring to my cell phone and if we are at home and we don't answer...Leave a message or call again =) We may just be in another room and can't have multiple phones in every room!

What is new... I need to start working out again or well start altogether! Eating better and walking! One of my online girlfriends Jean and I have decided to walk a 1/2 marathon before next year... so we have time to get into shape and get walking!
Look at what can be done with a little bit of walking and eating right!

This woman used SPARK PEOPLE and walked her way right onto a magazine cover! Maybe a goal for Jean and I ....long distance email pals meet and walk a 1/2 marathon! LOL Well you never know! Here is her home page on Spark People.

Well I can't very finish this post w/out any pictures....

So ... Ethan has been very much into his Nintendo DS. He has a few games that he goes back and forth with. On this day he had taken it to school so he could play it while he waited for me to pick him up... We picked up Bella and came home, checked the mail. We went in the house and he just sat in the car, a few minutes later I shut the garage door and went back into the house.... He finally came into the house with his DS still on. I asked him, "You finally decided to come in?" His reply was, "It was getting hot in there!" (meaning the car LOL)...Ahh our Miss Bella... She really has come out of her shell. More comfortable with us and everything else around her! Definitely has some personality to her... and quite the attitude! These pictures were taken after bath when she did her own hair! Matching even!!!

Hopefully I will be posting more again soon!

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