Friday, October 30, 2009

Bella and Ronan...

So little Miss Bella has a new friend in preschool, his name is Ronan! Adorable little boy and soo full of spunk! A week or so ago when we went to the School Open House and well they happen to be in the preschool classroom the same time we were. Well Bella was playing somewhat bashful and wasn't talking to anyone and so Ronan gets right in her face and was like, "IT'S ME RONAN!" It was simply the cutest thing ever!

Bella had her first real School party... Halloween. I was able to sneak down there for 45min to an hour. Long enough to snap a class picture and a few of Bella (and her classmates. Take a look at these of Ronan and Bella. (from tidbits I've got from the teacher... they do quite a bit together! Hold hands, play kitchen, play dolls... and Bella is very quick to remind us that Ronan is allergic to peanuts! =)

I'm not sure why she is covering her eyes, but it was super cute to watch her follow him around the room.

Do you think Bella could get any closer to him?

Oh and every time I drop her off at school, if Ronan isn't already in class then Bella asks (multiple times) "Is Ronan coming today?"

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