Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Christmas Shopping has begun!

So I have slowly started picking up a few Christmas presents for the kids already. Sometimes it feels like they are really easy to buy for and other times I am not even sure what to get them.... but it never fails they have way more than they need come Christmas morning! So far lots of books: 

For Ethan:
The Harry Potter Boxed Set (paperback)
Fudge Collection (well I think this is the set, that is all I wrote...it was a scholastic book order to benefit the school and threw away the paperwork)
Magic Treehouse# 39 Dark Day in the Deep Sea
The Lego Book
Lego Starwars: The Visual Dictionary

For Bella:
The Kissing Hand
I Love School
The Mixed Up Alphabet
Llama Llama Red Pajamas ($1 deal)

Well after typing it out it seems like a lot of books so maybe they won't all be given to the kids for Christmas, but they would make a great present/treat after a really good week or something of that nature, plus Ethan has a birthday coming up in January too!

Oh and I also got Charlotte's Web for all the nieces and nephews just because I love the story and it helped it was a $1 deal too. So guess what they are all getting for Christmas too!  =)

I just picked up this Chess game for Ethan.... He doesn't play yet, but I think he would really enjoy it and I love how the pieces are labeled for beginners (mom and dad included).

I told my parents that Ethan needed a tie rack to hold all of his ties and a funky cool tie tack (told the in-laws a tie tack too, but told them like a letter E or something...)

I did suggest this Barbie for Bella

Ethan again is usually pretty easy... um LEGOS! I love how you can "pick a brick" as they call it and just simply choose only the pieces that you want to buy! People are always a fun purchase, and OMG you can buy food! There is another Lego book I think Ethan would love... I saw it in the school library a couple weeks ago, so I need to find that one again, maybe that would be a good birthday present...

Bella can always use a new skirt/dress that twirls (has to be something that twirls when she turns), baby dolls, Barbies and play food are always a hit....

I'm sure the list will continue to grow as it gets closer!

HAPPY SHOPPING and pass on any ideas you may have!

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