Monday, October 12, 2009

Bella visits the pumpkin patch...

Bella was so excited to go on her first field trip. I woke up with her giggling in my face and she very excitedly announced it was PUMPKIN PATCH DAY! It gets better, when I told her she got to ride on the little mini school bus the school has she screamed with joy and hugged my neck ever so tightly! I love that happiness and pure excitement!

Bella has done so well in school. It has taken her a few weeks to realize that Miss K is her teacher and not just her friend that comes over for dinner with her daughter! She likes to play a lot, so having to sit down and actually work isn't always on the top of her list, but we are soo proud of what she is already learning! The last couple of weeks she has been spelling her name, finally she spelled it all right, in the right order! She was so excited that it was her turn to spell, you see we are always asking Ethan his spelling words in the car and at home, or we will simply ask Ethan to start spelling words that we think up as we are driving! (video coming soon... it has been taken just not uploaded to the computer).... 

So enough rambling onto the most important part... the pumpkin patch pictures!

After picking out their pumpkins and apples they got to have warm donuts and cider.

I have the cutest class photo in front of a wagon with beautiful fall flowers on it, but well with the whole class in it, I really can't post it.... but I can post these photos of Bella getting ready to leave the pumpkin patch on the bus. She was having the best time....

I just love that last photo I wish I had some great story behind it, but I think she was just being who she is!

Ethan goes on Thursday and we are hoping to go as a family too before Halloween so we will see how that works itself out!

Happy October!

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