Sunday, October 11, 2009

Ethan lost another tooth!

Ethan has now lost his 2nd tooth. I think the only bad part is that for both of them the adult tooth is already coming in and it forces the baby tooth to really start "leaning" and it is essentially being forced out of his mouth. It hasn't caused any him any "extra" pain beyond the normal losing your teeth pain. 

He lost his first tooth while on vacation this summer. Very surprisingly Ethan has let Dad pull both of his teeth with out much fuss!

Here is the before picture. Actually it was taken the night before his tooth was pulled... We even tried putting a little baby Anbesol on his gums and well after hollering that it was spicy (is it really spicy or is that an effect of it being too old) oops!

So after putting on the Baby Anbesol dad tried pulling his tooth, well as you can see (or maybe not) but lets just say the tooth didn't come out! Not sure if you can see Bella there in the background, she is laughing her head off, I'm snapping away with pictures, Dad is trying to pull Ethan's tooth and well Ethan himself, we never could decipher if he was laughing/giggling or was quite comical!

Night# 2 was the winner...look at his slightly toothless grin! Someday I hope he will lose a tooth with out an adult tooth already coming in... I want to see a true toothless grin! Either way he is soo excited to being losing his teeth! Also they are keeping track at school on these jumbo teeth...he got to be the first one to lose a tooth in October! =)

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