Saturday, May 22, 2010

7 years....

It is soo hard to believe that is was 7 years ago that we brought Ethan home from Korea!!! It had been such a whirl-wind time. It took us years to get to that point and then in a moment we were a FAMILY of 3! Ethan has been soo excited this past week. Talking all about it being his Family Day! It ended up being a pretty basic day. I left early to do my first real 5k (yea for me...I finished in about 46:47 and I had a goal of 45 minutes so I am proud of what I have slowly been accomplishing)... But Todd and the kids stayed home.

They had a pretty simple morning of breakfast and some basketball Wii. I got home and we relaxed for a bit, did a little house cleaning.  I love that the kids help (after minimal whining -- usually). A game of Sorry ... then dinner at AppleBee's followed by the movie G-Force. What a cute movie...but I don't think I can count the number of times I have heard "POOP IN THE HANDS!"  If you have seen it then you know exactly what I mean! =)

Now to plan better to do something special for Bella's next year (February 6th).

I did happen to snap a couple pictures at Applebee's! The story behind Ethan's photo is that he asked if he could keep the french fry until next Friday when he had Sharing at school... um NO, lets take a picture instead! Bella...well she can't be left out and OMG look at how you can see how brown her eyes are in this picture!

I just LOVE my babies! Happy Family Day to both of you guys!!!

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