Saturday, March 7, 2009

March 7th (66/365)

Well I thought I could feel it coming on Friday at work... Sure enough by Friday night it hit hard. What... the fever, the chills, the achey body, being light headed...everything! I was able to get dinner cooked and cleaned up and well that was about it! The rest of the night and all day today were spent sleeping on the couch (with a nap in bed too). Thankfully the kids were pretty good for Dad and Dad was super nice to do the chores around the house for me!

I thought it was very fitting today's photo of the day was of the blanket I had been laying with the most... An afghan that my Grandma H (Mary) had crocheted for me before she past away. I have always loved the colors (pink, gray and white)...

I think of her quite often and how she would have loved Todd and the kids. She was such a sports fan and Blazers fan and well they would have hit it off! (heck she had taught her bird to say TOUCHDOWN!) LOL She would have been soo supportive of us, the kids, and our adoptions in general!

She left us way way way too early!

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  1. Sorry you were sick - hopefully better by now!