Friday, March 13, 2009

March 13th (72/365) Family

A few weeks (or months) ago we kind of dubbed Friday night as family night. I tried picking up take out on the way home (been trying to save a few dollars the last few weeks) and then we've either been playing games, watching movies and having popcorn. On this Friday the weather was amazing... you know that perfect get outside in your t-shirt kind of weather. The weather that makes you want spring/summer to be here!

We opted for a nice little walk before dinner. We have a nice little route that is probably about a mile... maybe a tiny bit more! We all 4 even walked tonight. Bella did great. Walked the whole route all on her own!

I know way to many pictures today, but soo hard to narrow it down.

I loved how this picture turned out... the worn net just hanging with the blue sky background; a simple photo!
There is a great little fish pond in front of one of the houses that we pass a long our walk! The kids have always loved to stop and find the fish! One day while we were looking the lady that lives in the house happen to walk home! We had a nice little chat and told her how much we loved stopping and looking at the fish!
Little miss Bella... such a big girl these days; Walking the route all on her own! Hard to believe she will be starting preschool in the fall (and ballet if she has her way).
I haven't quite figured out why Ethan is afraid of these vents/grates. I guess I will admit that I am not one to just stand on them when I see them, but am completely comfortable walking across them. It was pretty comical to watch Ethan as he was standing on top of this grate. You could see the wheels turning as he tried to figure out if it would hold him or fall away.
Ahh how these melt my heart. A budding photographer just like his momma! I love that he loves to take pictures (and can be quite good at it) He is quickly learning to stage his shot (if need be)
I love seeing what he captures thru his lens!
Once home Bella couldn't change into her ballet clothes fast enough.... and yes that is one of Bella's dresses that "Jumbo Barbie" has on! They twirled and twirled around the family room!

We are all looking very much forward to many many more walks around the neighborhood! Hurry up spring and start showing yourself!

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