Thursday, March 12, 2009

March 12th (71/365) Haircut

We received a notice in E's Tuesday folder saying Spring Pictures were this Friday. One of the notes in the Life Touch flyer was to have haircuts 2 weeks before pictures. Well to start off that might be hard since we just received the flyer two days ago. So here we are getting his hair trimmed the DAY BEFORE pictures. Not ideal, but turned out okay. I was growing quite fond of the little longer look. No it wasn't past his ears or anything, but definitely not the short do he has had for years!

Today after Melissa cut his hair she asked him if he wanted her to wash it. He surprisingly said YES. So after getting his hair since he was 10 months old (aka almost 6 years of haircutting) this is the first actual hair washing he has got.

He will be my little groomer. He seemed to really enjoy the wash. He loves to dress ... I mean I don't ask him to and he will choose to wear a tie (to school or to church). Since starting at private school he has had to wear his khaki's and polos to school and they are required to be tucked in! I do have to watch the boy and make sure he doesn't just tuck EVERYTHING in. He is still learning when it is appropriate to tuck and when to NOT tuck! LOL

Speaking of spring pictures I am hoping to have them back in a couple weeks. Then you will see his fashion sense. He choose it all on his own; right down to the jeans and FLANNEL. He said everyone was required to stand against this tree (aka back drop) and boys put their hands in their pockets!

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