Wednesday, February 25, 2009

February 25th (56/365) Ash Wednesday

A while back we picked up a mirror at Micheals and it is now hung in the entry way; well we finally one of the three crosses that I bought at a home interior party like 2 years ago (might not have been that long ago, but then again it might have been) =) I figured it was a very fitting picture for today since it is/was Ash Wednesday! The start of Lent.

I enjoy my computer time and have been a long time reader of Michele's blog. She is a fellow adoptive mom (of two boys also from South Korea) and she also homeschools both of them. You know people say I am creative, but OMG I wish I had her creativity. They are always doing some fun craft or going on field trip to someplace cool. I love reading about what they are doing (and I have reminded her many a times to post a head of time LOL...I need more time to prepare!)

I read it today and she has some great ideas and links for Lent and Easter. (Do check out her blog, but I will link you up too) THANK YOU MICHELE!

Here is Michele's Lent post. She mentions how she is giving up a couple food/treat items. Me, I've never been a huge fan of giving up food for Lent (we do observe the NO meat on Fridays') but giving up treats, ice cream, candy etc.... I don't normally do or push on the family. Since we do go to church every Sunday and pray before dinner every night, but are guilty of not doing a ton more. We have a shelf of books on the different religious holidays, both kids have beginner bibles and prayer books, but they are not ready nearly as much as we should! So for Lent this year I am hoping that as a family we will do a little better. Thanks to Michelle she has started off our "crafting" portion of Lent really well. She linked up to a Lenten Tree and Activity Book (scroll down to about the middle of the is a PDF file) I will be changing it up a bit. I bought some brown rolled paper at the party store today and we will be making a tree (crumpling up the paper length wise and adding branches to it) and then I think we will be adding little crosses to it. Crosses that both E and Bella can color and then cut out and then they will be attached to the tree! HERE are a ton of options on coloring pages and activities. We will most likely use something like THIS for our cross. (nothing too big OR fancy) They will both get to color one for each of the 40 days...aka that is 80 crosses on our "tree". Just hoping it looks something close to what I am picturing in my head.

Michele recommended this book to read... It looks great for Ethan to read and/or for it to be read to Bella. Over dinner we talked about running errands on Friday so maybe we will go the the bookstore and let the kids both pick out new Easter books! I'll let you know what we come home with.

Melissa and her sister, they have both mentioned this website: Internet Cafe Devotions. A few extra prayers surely won't hurt me. LOL =). So one of my goals is to try to take a look around the site and read up a little more.

Speaking of Reading I would just love to read more in general! I finished the Twilight Series and need to get reading The Host (Todd and the kids gave it to me for Christmas). Also if you plan on reading any of the Twilight Books becareful reading the sites... you really really don't want any spoilers and there are some on her website!! Another book I have only heard good things about is The Shack. So maybe for Lent I should give up some of my late night blogging and scrapping and do some reading! We'll see how that goes!

While I've been busy adding links to this post I thought I would add one more...
While we are talking about Michele, check out her posts on recipes.

Whether you like it or not LOL I will probably link you up to any other activities that we can get going during Lent (or any other time) and please do the same.... Let me know what you guys are doing!


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  1. So funny - I'm the opposite and get more pictures of Rory than Camden these days.

    Oh, I loved The Host too. (I did not, however, like The Shack - didn't even finish it. But don't take my word for it, cause I know lots of people did like it.)