Saturday, February 7, 2009

February 7th (38/365)

Tonight was Ethan's school auction! This was the kindergarten project...the item I wanted, but definately couldn't afford the going price of $575! Yeah for the school bad for my pocket book!
All of the kids drew their hands and were painted... I think it turned out great! (I would love to try something like this with the kids at home! Maybe someday!)

We didn't leave empty handed... Todd won a Clyde Drexler autographed basketball, I won an evening with a sheriff (Ethan will get to ride in the police car and then he will take him to ice cream!) We thought Ethan would really enjoy it! Oh and in the silent auction we won a great picture frame (already has pictures in it....Todd is hanging tomorrow night) and 2 large cool vases! (Still need to get something to put in the one, the other has a "lid") =)

It was a great night! We got to have a nice dinner, hang out with friends, make some new friends and all around had a great night!

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