Monday, February 23, 2009

February 23rd (54/365)

Ahh Monday morning again! I am almost always the one dropping Ethan off at school (and Bella at daycare). We went thru a time (or two) where mornings were horrible; I mean lots of crying and screaming on everyone's part. I've tried to do wake up a tiny bit earlier, we've made bed time a lot earlier, so knock on wood our mornings have been going a lot better!

We always hit traffic and we have our own little "shortcut" route we take...not really a shortcut since we usually see the same cars on the other side of the bridge LOL but Ethan gets a kick out of taking the short cut and Dad normally doesn't so it kind of is our thing!

No matter which way we go we are usually stop and go for a while and since starting this photo a day project I almost always have my camera with me (not like I didn't before)

Today I propped the camera up on the passenger seat and clicked...and hoped it would stay in focus!

Here are two of the favorites from "our shoot"...look for a layout coming soon!

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