Thursday, February 26, 2009

February 26th (57/365)

I ended up picking Ethan up from school today and he wanted to play on the playground for a few minutes... Why not! Well he isn't afraid of the camera that is for sure! Gotta love how his hair is growing a little longer and his face sure doesn't look so baby-ish anymore!

and Yes I have realized that Bella needs a few more pictures! =) She is not forgotten!

Oh and I almost forgot... we had about 3" of snow this morning when we woke up. We even had to go to work on the other side of our hill. There were 3 buses that were "jack-knived" or stuck, at least one or two cars being towed. Todd even said that at one point they were not letting anyone past the stuck bus if they didn't have 4-wheel drive or chains on... OMG what? Seriously, they didn't even require any of that during our "Artic Blast" in December and it was way way worse and wasn't gone by 10am like today's was! I think the whole 4-wheel drive/chains was only briefly while they got the buses taken care (which had kids in them by the way)...

Ethan wanted to take his camera with him (thank you G. Peggy and P. Jeff) so he was shooting away from his carseat. I loved this photo from his viewfinder....

and I think I will have to veer from just doing daily posts and have one added (or at least a link off to the side) of Ethan's self portraits... After uploading the last two months worth of photos from his camera....well let's just say there are a lot of self portraits!

They do a photography club at school for a few weeks that starts up after Spring Break, thinking Ethan might really like it!

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