Saturday, February 21, 2009

February 21st (52/365)

Papa Jeff and Granma Peggy stopped by the house ... they had been on vacation to Cabo so they were excited to see the kids and of course bring their "treasures" for the kids. Papa picked out this "diamond" for Bella ...Lets just say she is ALL GIRL, she knew exactly what it was saying DIAMOND as soon as it came out of the wrapper it was in! I told them that she would carry it around all night AND SHE DID! You can't see it super good, but behind her "purple diamond" is a butterfly w/ a bobble head so to speak... LOL its' little head sticks out and when it is moved (or the wind blows, etc) it moves is the cutest thing!

So this is where her diamond is sitting... on a family room table, next to the lamp and flip photo album! Where will it be in an hour, 30 minutes or better yet, where it will be in the next 5 minutes; only Miss Bella knows! I mean it has already made a trip to her playhouse in the playroom, the kitchen table, her bedroom, and even the bathroom! I am sure the list of places it will go will only grow! She loves her new purple diamond!

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