Sunday, February 8, 2009

February 8th (39/365)

We had a great kidless day today, nothing fancy at all! Church by ourselves, grocery shopping by ourselves. Todd watched basketball all day and I backed up photos and read my new HOST book. (Only just started it... a little harder to get into than the Twilight Series was).
I felt it was fitting today's photo was a picture of the Hwy on the way to Papa & Grammy's house... As nice as our day was, well Grammy & Papa Jim had a little rougher day! Ethan was just honery! At the going away party they all went to, he was flipping light switches, not listening, then to top things off...HE BIT PAPA, I mean enough to draw blood! I think Jim got really mad, I mean mad not just upset... Later Grammy said how Papa said he was going to take him home. They didn't but they were outside for a long time! I guess the topper of the night was when he THREW his Nintendo DS! That was the last straw! NO DS for a month (a little bit of a hit for him...he was just getting to where he could play some of the games, they were finally clicking for him) and no Wii for this week, maybe more! He will be writing Papa an apology letter too! (Could be tomorrow photo of the day!) =)
I'm not sure if it was an attention thing for Ethan... he wasn't getting it all, maybe he was tired. I am not sure, but just hoping he can tone it down some! Not good behavior!

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