Sunday, February 22, 2009

February 22nd (53/365)

I have been looking at this Costco cookbook on my kitchen counter for weeks... We cracked it open last night and we picked a couple a couple of things to try! HOMEMADE GRANOLA BARS is the first one... Now I'm not a food photographer so bear with me while posting food photos! =) They turned out pretty good, very sweet, but good. I think the next batch will have less honey and/or maybe we will try some oatmeal and chocolate chips and cut down on the granola cereal. Ethan was pretty excited that we put in some mini marshmellows! It was super easy to make so I'm sure that we will try again and experiment a little with the ingredients!
On a completley different note:

If you could say a little prayer for our friend Mary...

We sit next to her every Sunday in church and have since before Ethan came home to us; so it has been for over 6 years that we have seen her every Sunday for all these years, heck I think most of the time we've seen her more than my own grandparents! Not by choice, but it was someplace we went every Sunday morning, same time, same pew.

Last Sunday she wasn't there, but we didn't think too much of it, she is older and every now and then she misses her alarm or her back really hurts and she didn't sleep well so she will go to a later mass! Well this morning a lady that always sits behind us (live in the same housing that Mary does) and said that she took a fall a week or so ago and hit her head...

Evidently she fell and hit her head and her whole left side is bruised (she doesn't remember where she fell or how or anything about it or things pretty much afterwards)... Paramedics took her to the hospital, we still don't know how long she was there. This morning she ended up coming to church seemed pretty much herself until after mass when we were talking to her. She repeated everything over and over, swore she was in a nursing home at one end of town and that they dropped her off and were coming to get her, but she couldn't remember the name of the place. I did not like the feeling of standing out in front of the church with her not knowing where she was supposed to go, she was very confused and you could see it. Her ride did show up, she is not in the area of town that she thought, they helped her into the car, gave us a business card and said she would be moved into her own room, with tv, cable, and phone. I did slip a paper in her purse with our name, address, and phone number. All of her family is out of town (as far as I know) and we feel a little out there with not knowing what is happening! She has been a staple of our Sunday mornings for years. We have already lost a husband and wife from our pew in the last couple years. I'm not ready to lose Mary too!

Here is a scrapbook page of Mary and Ethan from February 2007
We are praying that Mary feels more herself soon!

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