Monday, February 2, 2009

February 2nd (33/365)

Well I haven't "got" the picture for today yet (and I've tried a couple times). Like a lot of people the "economy" has hit us at work too. We have all cut our hours to 32hrs a week. While all of the "boys" are taking one day off during the week (rotating the day every week). We decided for me it was best for the company (and secretly me) that I get off early every day to make up the 8hrs.

So the 3:30 represents my new hours I'm working. What a huge (and I mean huge) difference it makes in our day! I am home shortly after Ethan is out of school, I'm able to get dinner started, Bella picked up from daycare. We are eating dinner now about the same time I was getting home before! Now as much as I want our work to pick up the pace to where we were last year at this time (doing better every month), but I can't help but admit that I am loving the new quitting time for me!!! Now if you have any great ideas on how I can convince my bosses to let me keep these hours... I am open to suggestions!

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