Thursday, February 12, 2009

February 12th (43/365)

So if you know me you know I'm a procratinator...So Ethan and I had high hopes of taking some Valentine photos (holding a big heart, one saying BE MINE (for the girls) and one saying YOU ROCK (for the boys). Well time slipped past us so that didn't happen, but I was able to use a photo I took on Ethan's birthday and used it on a mini scrapbook page (4"x4") and then I glued that onto a box of sweethearts that Ethan had wrote all of the kids' names on. They turned out really cute!

Ethan did really good writing all of the names (there are 22 kids in his class including him & we added a few extra names onto the list).

Now I couldn't help but go back and take a picture of a particular Valentine! It is so cute to watch Ethan secretly go back and draw a heart by her name on her box, and watch how giddy he gets when you even mention "her name". We really do try to NOT tease him, but it is just too sweet! Heck I even emailed Cora's mom the picture of his "heart". I am glad I did because she mentioned how the other day Cora told her about how a recess one day that Ethan helped her out when some boys were chasing her and she didn't like it! It is nice to know that he will "stick up" for others and be watchful over his friends!

I was even able to get a scrapbook page done for these pictures. It has quickly become a favorite. For me I just love how it all ended up coming together... sometimes while you are working on them you wonder how it will look/come together in the end. See Layout Credits HERE.

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