Saturday, February 28, 2009

February 28th (59/365)

Saturday...a normal cleaning morning for us! I would love to get out of this habit; having to spend every Saturday morning cleaning! But heck none of us feel like doing it any other time of the week!

The "Craft Room" is quite the mess (fire hazard is what hubby calls it) I am bound and determined it will get cleaned. Saturday was actually quite a busy day around our house this week. Todd and Ethan spent a couple hours at Home Depot (picking up plywood for the new attic) and at Target (another birthday party tomorrow). My mom and dad swung by to get our tax information, sister Katie stopped by to drop off a Scentsy catalog, and older sister Steph came by to have me download some new books to their TAG book system.

Curling Ribbon for the photo of the day....well LOL I can get the closet doors open to see all of my ribbon! =)

P.S... The books behind the curling ribbon are decorating books that are YEARS old... They are making a journey to GOODWILL!

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