Saturday, February 14, 2009

February 14th (45/365)


We had a great day today, but not your typical Valentines Day dinner dates... NOPE not us...We wen to the Monster Truck show! We went 2 years ago and took Ethan and LOVED IT! This year we thought it would be a special treat for E to get to take a friend... Aksel was the chosen one! =) They had a great time together, no fighting, lots of tickling and giggling (would have sworn they were girls LOL with all of the giggling!)

We had Pit Passes and were able to meet one of the drivers (we didn't want to wait in the super super long lines to meet the others). We took pictures in front of the trucks, on the side of the trucks, truck parts.... just pictures in general. It is impressive the size of the tires and everything else on the truck too!

Here are a few pictures, I still need to edit more of them! (There are plenty, I'm sure I'll just have to link you up to my smugmug account to see the rest of them!)
The above pictures are of Captain's Curse, he was great and most definately got some air, Gravediger litterally was straight up if not leaning a bit backwards, we aren't quite sure how we didn't flip backwards and last but not least; El Toro Loco! He was doing some cookies and well over he went! He was fine, walked about, no flying debris but he did break one of his horns.

Oh almost forgot, I was taking pictures of Monster Mutt's tail sticking straight up and he HUGE floppy ears... and this man asks me what I'm taking a picture of and I try to tell him. Then he sees the kids and we chat for a few minutes... he asks the boys, "So do you like my truck?" How cool was it that we got to meet the owner of Monster Mutt and El toro Loco. It was pretty cool; he asked Ethan which Monster Mutt's he had, how many and was in general a nice guy and a great show!

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  1. What a good time!! I have always wanted to take my boys to one of these shows, I think they would really love it! You got some fantastic photos!