Monday, January 12, 2009

January 12th (12/365)

Happy Birthday Ethan! It is soo hard to believe he is already 6! Where in the world did the time go...Seriously just seems like yesterday we were holding him for the first time! It is truely amazing how quickly the time has passed. You are in kindergarten this year and as smart as a whip! You amaze us everyday and we couldn't be more blessed to have you in our lives!!

We took brownie muffins to school for your class for snack, you got to where the birthday crown. All of the kids wrote in a birthday book for you! That will definately be a keeper for your school album (Thank you Becky Higgins sorry it was a monthly kit no longer available).

Grandma & Papa H came in and we had pizza delivered and then played some Wii (golf & new Mario Kart)

So of course I couldn't just pick one picture today... there are a few!

Ethan did the tie to school thing all on his own. I actually picked out a red and blue polo (yup he has to wear a uniform) and he kept saying no the white one...there wasn't a white one and I finally realized he was talking about the button up shirt so he could wear a tie. Of course he got lots of oohs and ahhs when he walked into the school and his classroom!

I ended up picking out one of those singing cards for him. If you can't see the front it is a Star Wars Clone Wars .... I think he almost liked it better than the rest of his gifts! =)
Well of course some Legos... you can never go wrong there!
Ethan was pretty stoked to get a driving game and well even more excited to have his very own remote that no one else is suppose to use!

Last but not least the "cake and ice cream" ... so since it was just the few of us we kept it simple and used a brownie for his cake and then there was ice cream!


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