Sunday, January 11, 2009

January 11th (11/365)

Headed to Grammy & Papa R's today. Jay and Cara (and the boys) are up! So we had a mini little birthday celebration for Ethan...his big day is tomorrow! We had a late lunch, presents and then dessert! Don't they all look like they are enjoying their homemade ice cream sandwich cake? (Bella 3.5yrs old, Ethan 6 tomorrow, and London 3 in a couple weeks).We just can't forget Dalton (@ 16 months)...Check out those big brown eyes!
and well Miss Bella! On the way to G&P's house I turned around in the car to see if she had fallen asleep yet and this is what I saw!!! Purple Bear, Pink Blankey and safety glasses! LOL I guess she was a little worried about Daddy's driving! =) For the record we made it safe and sound!


  1. Awww adorable photos, I love the safety glasses LOL My husbands not the best driver, I may have to take some pointers LOL

  2. Those safety glasses look cool! Wish I had those in biology when I was in high school. LOL Happy birthday to Ethan!