Saturday, January 10, 2009

January 10th (10/365)

Today was a lazy day, very basic. A little cleaning, a little playing, a nap for Todd. Simple and nice, but as the night got later I was like what "what is our photo of the day going to be"? Todd suggested I take one of him just laying around since he felt so lazy. I was fine with that (it is a family venture and I want everyone to be a part of this....a part of the decision about our photos. It is all about taking the time to reflect a year in "OUR" life.

With that said when I grabbed my camera to start taking a few pictures of Todd laying around Ethan hurried and grabbed his too! These are the photos I captured of Ethan shooting with HIS very own camera (Christmas 2007 present from Granma Peggy &Papa Jeff).

Did you notice our little "trick"? Look at the above photo again! Now did you see it? Okay okay what we did was tape a tiny piece of wax paper over the flash! It still allows the flash to flash, but I guess you could say it dilutes it so it isn't quite as bright! I know Ethan and I looked at before and after pictures and could really tell a difference! P.S.... I even did this to my Canon Rebel XT.

Ahh seeing this picture makes me proud! LOL He is laying on the family room floor, rotated the camera trying to get "the shot" of his lego creations! Okay so I guess you could say that he has watched me take one too many photos. Gotta love it!

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