Monday, January 5, 2009

January 5th

Ahh first day back to school from a three week Christmas break thanks to the week they had off (before the actual Christmas break) due to the snow and ice that we got. I had meant to get this picture taken weeks ago (actually a couple of months ago). You see Mrs. M took over for Mrs. A who "took a leave of abscence". It was a weird situation. I mean it really is unlike me to have issues with new things. I mean I have never really had major mommy issues when the kids started daycare or heck even when Ethan started preschool last year. I didn't really have any problems with leaving him (yes sad and I missed them, but not physically upset). There were no issues with his new school and matter of fact we loved his preschool teacher, she is now one our best freinds (her daughter too).

Then this year started, all day school, new teacher...and she wasn't like Miss K. You got a completely different feeling when you met her (Miss A) and unfortunately Todd never met her to where he could really understand what I meant. It really wasn't like me, but I cried to Miss K, wrote a couple emails to the principal and I hate to even say it, but was slightly happy that Mrs. M was taking over the kindergarten classroom. There is a completely different feeling when you walk in the classroom, there is more control and I think the kids are even happier with the situation and the outcome of it (even if they don't know the scope of it). Thank you Mrs. M for giving Ethan a great Kindergarten year!

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