Saturday, January 31, 2009

January 31st (31/365)

Okay so remember yesterday's post about procrastinating and how I or we waiting until the last minute to buy the decorations for Ethan's party... Well the invitations were emailed (which worked out pretty good) and well his party was today and his actual birthday was on January 12th! (oops just a little procrastination...for the record it is just soo soon after Christmas) =)

Of course today's photo I had to choose one from the party!
(To add I think he was laughing so hard because the football candles were dripping brown candle wax and well he is six now you can only imagine what his little brain was thinking about!)

Some fun tidbits about the party
  • Only one parent stayed for a while (a good freind & her daughter hung out w/ us while her mom had a meeting)
  • Met some great parents (so nice to finally meet the parents to the kids Ethan talks about all the time)
  • Boys and Girls were invited, can you say lots of door slamming and OMG lots of giggling and screaming on everyone's part!
  • The "quiet game" worked wonders at the start of dessert LOL
  • 2hrs was just about perfect length for the party
  • Todd and I both took a nap after the party while the 3 kids played
  • The pin the tail on the donkey that he just had to get, wasn't even touched!
  • I took a photo of Ethan with each of his friends and I plan on printing them and using them as the thank you cards

Another year and another party in the books!

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