Thursday, January 22, 2009

January 22nd (22/365)

Ethan had his 3rd dentist appointment this afternoon and did the whole sha-bang, x-rays and all. Todd said he did great and Ethan said the x-rays were uncomfortable, but didn't hurt! Good!

So since I didn't remind Todd and he didn't take the camera to get the "action" shots at the dentist... I choose to spotlight his pearly whites!

Here we are a few weeks into my 365 photo project and I'm proud of myself... I haven't missed a day yet, been close a couple times, but I haven't missed yet! Also if you couldn't tell I haven't stuck to just one photo a day... so on that note I have to include one of Ethan reading to us!

P.S... Next time Bella gets to go to the dentist too! (She was actually quite upset this morning that she couldn't go with Dad too).

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  1. Awww thats sweet that Bella wanted to go to. Now lets hope she wants to stay when its actually her turn huh LOL Ethan has such beautiful teeth. I am glad to hear he did good. That last photo is precious! SO tender!