Friday, January 9, 2009

January 9th (9/365)

Ahh Friday is here! The weeks go by so fast and can be soo hectic with both of us working and school/daycare for the kids! Nights are stressful and we have actually moved bedtime to 7:30pm or earlier (closer to 7pm) ... I hate doing bedtimes that early! At that point we have barely seen them and 3/4 of our evenings are spent cooking dinner, doing dishes, baths every other night and very little quality time together! If we don't do bed times that early with Ethan going to school all day he is soo tired at the end of the day; it is almost a must!

That brings us to Family Night! We have been trying to do take out and going to rent movies. Doing something together as a family! This Friday night really wasn't an exception, except for the fact that we did kids meals instead of the adult version (less leftovers) and we played Wii all together instead of renting movies and having popcorn).

Quick and yummy dinner from Panda Express. We are going to have to expand our Family Night dinner choices past Panda Express and Garlic Jim's (pizza).

and the game portion.... We are soo going to have to work on Ethan's sportsmanship. If he isn't the first player or the winner we can ever so quickly have melt downs! Part being that he turns 6 in a few days and that it is now "past bedtime"...Ahh a work in progress!

Here is to many many more family nights together!

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