Thursday, January 1, 2009

January 1st

So my first photos of my 365 and already I couldn't choose just one photo! So without further adieu here are my 1st photos and the stories behind them!

Ethan has quickly learned the fine art of Wii (if it is on he thinks he needs to be playing) I bought him the cutest brown suit for Thanksgiving (I did ask if he would like me to buy him a suit to wear and he said yes...brown to match Bella's dress) Ever since then he has asked to wear the ties. Don't you love that he LOVES to wear ties. He has made this decision all on his own! A young man even gave him a whole box of ties from when he was little and wore them all the time! Thank you Nicholas! Now for mom to really get the hang of tying ties!

It was a lot easier to get Papa Jim to play the Wii than I expected. Matter of fact all we had to do was ask him and he was very willing to play with Ethan. Love the smile of laughter on Ethan's face and Jim in action!

We put the kids to bed and then spent the next few hours playing the new Wii. How about some Tennis and Golf. Todd wasn't sure he was going to like it, but now already has quickly fallen in love with playing. (I'm very surprised at how sore my arms is.) In the first few days we have had the Wii, I think I have pretty much lost every time to Todd. Someday I will win.

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