Sunday, January 25, 2009

January 25th (25/365)

Happy Baptism Day Little Stuart!!!!

We have been blessed with such great freinds...Their girls are the same age as our two and then there is adorable little Stuart! He is right about 6 months old and just the happiest lil guy you have ever seen! He didn't even fuss at baptism, smiled and was happy the whole time. OMG you should have seen his little tiny white suit!! It was great, he was great and we are blessed with great freinds!

Now speaking of babies... Check out this Baby's room! Some of you may know that I just love Ali Edwards, well she is getting ready to have a baby girl and I just love the mixture of stuff she has in her babies room! I could get soo much inspiration from the pictures! Maybe someday my kids rooms will actually be decorated and not just a mix/match of things!

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  1. Oh how gorgeous, look at those eyes!! Happy baptism day!