Wednesday, January 21, 2009

January 21st (21/365

My PEACEMAKER! Every month they have a theme at then at one of the weekly masses each teacher passes out certificates/awards to the students from their class that they feel most exemplify that trait. This months' theme was PEACEMAKER and the librarian chose Ethan as one of her peacemakers!

I don't think it was planned this way, but with the presidential inaguaration yesterday I think it is very fitting that this month was for Peacemakers!

Since yesterday was also Todd's birthday I didn't talk about all the hoopla! I love the history part of it. I love being able to say I saw that, I heard that years from now. Not just for political or famous people, but for sports and everyday things.

So in honor of my peacemaker I wanted to link you up to a few different items:

May we all be PEACEMAKERS!

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