Wednesday, January 14, 2009

January 14th (14/365)

Every month the school principal takes all of the kids that have birthday's in that month to McDonald's for lunch. Well Ethan was pretty excited to go this year (last year the whole preschool class went together at the end of the year). To top things off he is the only kindergartener with a January birthday, he was sure to point that out to us numerous times. I switched my lunches around and was able to go with Ethan. It was fun and you sure forget how much kids have to talk about. =)

Since the school is only a couple blocks away they walk every month... Since I was the only parent that came along Ethan and I took up the rear of the line! I couldn't get to my camera fast enough.

We took the same photo last year and thankfully the principal, like me doesn't mind taking photos... Love having the capital in the background of the photo!
You know I was fully prepared to just stick to these two photos today ...was so excited had the photo of the day planned out ahead of time and no pressure for the evening etc...

But then I come home to this:

Our sweet little Bella throwing a screaming, coughing, gagging tantrum because we won't let her put on a dress (which by the way has to always twirl). Her room was messy before but then she proceeded to dump the whole box of stuffed animals...

I don't think I can even count the number of clothing items on her floor or the number of times she changes her clothes each day...

P.S... If she ever asks, "Can I play in my room?" Just say NO! That is her code for I'm going to ask if I can play, but as soon as I get in my room I'm going to change my clothes. I just don't know what we are going to do with her.. Do I take all her clothes and put them out of reach, let them pile on the floor, please tell me she will grow out of this phase and fast!


  1. Is Bella around 3 years old? Because my 3 year old daughter LOVES to change clothes and wear dresses. I think she changes her full outfit 5 times a day, and does it herself thus making a huge mess in her room. LOL

  2. LOL We have totally been there with the tantrums. She is so precious even when shes all worked up. You have gorgoeus children actually!! Her room is so pretty too, even all messy!